Higher Education

A classmate of mine (the lovely Brenda McKeen /shoutout) posted an interesting article that really got me thinking. The article is from the CBC website and you can find it here. The article is called “Was Going to University a Waste of Time for You?”, and basically goes on to talk about two university professors … Continue reading

My Flavor

So I’ve been prepping for summer internships for a little now, and it looks like it’s paid off as I have a few interviews in the coming week; for which I am extremely excited for! So I thought I’d post about one of the tools I’ve been tinkering with for a little while now and … Continue reading

Ask And You Shall Recieve

So, after hearing the praises of my dear friend Mr. Waselnuk and reading a rather interesting article on Mashable, I’ve recently joined up on Quora. Let me say this now, I’m a fan. For those of you not in the know, the best way I can describe Quora is that it’s a mashup of Wikipedia, … Continue reading