Noise Digital is Keeping it Fresh

So you’ve seen me endlessly rant on here about how powerful social media (and more specifically, Twitter) is, and now I’ve got the means to prove it to anyone who was foolish enough not to believe me! Prepare to feel foolish. A couple months ago, Noise Digital, a full-service digital advertising agency added me on … Continue reading

The Love of the Outdoors

As I’ve said many a time, I’m currently a marketing student (at a really great school); and marketing has been something I’ve been finding an increasingly greater passion for. However, one subset of this that I’ve really developed a love for over the past year has been outdoor advertising; I loves me some great billboards. … Continue reading

Go Forth Brave Space Warrior

I love it when companies come up with creative ideas to market their products, even more so when they’re an established brand and don’t necessarily have to. Case in point is Mars’ latest M&M’s campaign. Right now, you can go to this mini site to take part in the shenanigans. Basically, you drag the little … Continue reading

Savvy or Insensitive: UPDATE

So yesterday I wrote about Groupon’s trio of Super Bowl ads that had everyone in uproar. It now looks like Groupon, after already issuing an apology has removed all three videos from Youtube and released new ones. These news videos have some more of the more offensive parts removed and a link at the end … Continue reading

Savvy or Insensitive?

Ahh the Super Bowl, where companies spend millions to air on the most viewed ad space of the year. It also marked the debut of the first ads from crowd-sourced king; Groupon. The trio starred Cuba Gooding Jr, Elizabeth Hurley, and Timothy Hutton spoofing pro-social causes like saving the whales or freeing Tibet. You can … Continue reading

The Next Time You’re at Starbucks, You Could be Making Facebook Money

You know that cup of coffee you’re getting at Starbucks and telling the world about through your Facebook page? Well, Facebook hopes to tap into that story for advertising dollars with it’s release of Sponsored Stories. Basically, if you’re a company you can pay to have a percentage of all Facebook checkins to your business … Continue reading

These Ads Are Anything But Cheesy.

Ahh Cheetos, the delightfull snack I used to munch upon in my childhood. All I can really remember though are the ads with the tag-line “Dangerously Cheesy”, a slogan I’ve never been fond of. On a side-note though, for years I’ve been trying to find a willing person to down a copious amount of Cheetos … Continue reading

Parents Just Don’t Understand

Now I know I said I was devoting this week to be all about me, but this was just too good to pass up. As I’ve said previously I’m really interested in advertising and marketing (I do intend to get a job in it after all), and while drinking my Perfectly Pumpkin cup of coffee … Continue reading