Here you can find links to stuff I’ve talked about in my blog, or just sites I like and you should like too.

Brandon Waselnuk’s Blog

The blog of a dear friend and colleague, Brandon Waselnuk. Brandon has a confusing and bewildering last name, but trust me; he’s legit. He writes about all manner of things, but you should really read his article on what World of Warcraft taught him about business. You should be subscribing right now, what are you waiting for?

Anomalies in the Normality

The blog of my awesome friend Andrew Soobrian, or as I like to call him; Soobsie. Andrew has a really cool thing going on over there. He writes about geeky stuff, movies, and a bunch of other current stuff. If you like to keep tuned in, I would definitely recommend RRS’in it and reading him regularly!

Something to Snack On

This is the blog of a man I hold dear to my heart (in a totally non-gay way). Kyle Evans is one of the most charismatic and awesome guys I know. Usually blogging in video (which I think is totally rad), Kyle tackles a wide variety of topics afflicting our lives today with humour, insight, and a hell of a lot of gusto. You’d do well to follow it regularly.


Tony Sabad is like that better looking younger brother…. I’m not sure where I was going with this. While I was a fan of it’s original name, Sabadvertising is an excellent look at promotions and advertisement in the world today. Tony is a freaking poet, and his articles are well-written and definitely entertaining. If you’re into advertising as much as I am, then you definitely need to start reading him.

Prism Pugs

Karlee Morse is a long time friend of mine, and I’ve always admired her artwork. She’s joined the blogging world and is ready to blow up the internet with her charming imagination and pretty pictures! She is pretty much the coolest girl I know, so you should check her out and see what she’s all about.

Think Zwick

Brigitte Zwicker is a girl that constantly instills fear in me. I kid, I kid (Under fear of repercussion). Ms. Zwicker is a lovely friend of mine with a fiery spirit that is both charming and admirable. This is her blog, and I like to think of it as her little section on the internet. Give it a read, and get to know this wonderfull girl as well as I have.


Mashable is an amazing resource online for business, marketing, and advertising information. It’s updated daily with informative articles and breaking news stories. This is my personal favorite for keeping in tune with what’s going on, and if you’re in or going into a similar field to my own; you definitely need to be reading this AND following them on Twitter!

Creative Criminals

This wonderful site was actually passed along to me by a professor at the college, and I’ve been reading it ever since. Creative Criminals is a delightful site that presents a round-up of the most creative advertisements around the world. It’s a great resource for advertising done right, and has been a source of inspiration for myself. Definitely give it a look!

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