Savvy or Insensitive: UPDATE

So yesterday I wrote about Groupon’s trio of Super Bowl ads that had everyone in uproar. It now looks like Groupon, after already issuing an apology has removed all three videos from Youtube and released new ones. These news videos have some more of the more offensive parts removed and a link at the end … Continue reading

Savvy or Insensitive?

Ahh the Super Bowl, where companies spend millions to air on the most viewed ad space of the year. It also marked the debut of the first ads from crowd-sourced king; Groupon. The trio starred Cuba Gooding Jr, Elizabeth Hurley, and Timothy Hutton spoofing pro-social causes like saving the whales or freeing Tibet. You can … Continue reading

You Can’t Beat the Tweet

As a lover of social media, I’ve always been a really big advocate of Twitter. A lot of my less-then-savvy friends taunt and chide me for using it, thinking it’s nothing but “Facebook Status Updates”. I always tell them that there is so much more to it! Twitter is quite possibly one of the most … Continue reading