Savvy or Insensitive: UPDATE

So yesterday I wrote about Groupon’s trio of Super Bowl ads that had everyone in uproar. It now looks like Groupon, after already issuing an apology has removed all three videos from Youtube and released new ones. These news videos have some more of the more offensive parts removed and a link at the end … Continue reading

The Next Time You’re at Starbucks, You Could be Making Facebook Money

You know that cup of coffee you’re getting at Starbucks and telling the world about through your Facebook page? Well, Facebook hopes to tap into that story for advertising dollars with it’s release of Sponsored Stories. Basically, if you’re a company you can pay to have a percentage of all Facebook checkins to your business … Continue reading

Place Awesome Blog Post Here

Hello everyone! Unfortunately today was a very tiring day for me and I’m not exactly feeling up to a full update today. So I’m going to end the Week of Connell and from hence-forth get this blog into the nitty gritty of what I want it to be. So while you salivate over what’s to … Continue reading