So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Hello friends! Clearly I haven’t updated this in awhile. I recently read an article that said 95% of blogs get abandoned, and it appears this blog has become part of that 95%. There’s been a lot going on in life, graduating marketing, going into a post-grad in the fall, getting a summer internship. All of these things have kept me busy, but they’re not the main reason for this blog becoming a mausoleum. That main reason is I’ve been working on something, the next step up in the world if you will.

That thing is threadbeat. threadbeat is something I’ve been playing around with in my head for quite some time and it looks like it’s finally coming to fruition. Simply put, threadbeat is a street fashion blog. Basically, I along with some comrades will be hitting the streets of Ottawa to document fashionable people about Ottawa and really hi-light a blossoming street fashion community here in Ottawa. We want to be a part of that community and even help grow it. Will it suffer the same fate of this blog? Who knows, but I’d certainly like to give it a try. You can find threadbeat at Right now the site is up but we’re not launching until August 15th.

So as this blog ends, I’d like to thank you very much for reading, and know that I always enjoyed writing here. Take care!


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