Going for Gold

So before I get into today’s post, I’d first like to announce that I have graduated from Algonquin’s Business Marketing program. It is both exciting and terribly frightening, and it’s hard to believe it’s all said and done. However, I’m not done with Algonquin yet as I’ll be enrolled in their Interactive Multimedia post-graduate for the year to fine-tune some skills that I learned from Loyalist that are a little rusty; and learn a few things I didn’t before. I’m also going to be a lot more involved with the college, and one of those involvements will again be the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition (or OCMC).

Like I’ve posted about previously, OCMC is a competition where every participating college in Ontario forms a team to compete against other colleges in different events. Most of these invents involve a business case and have to be solved in half an hour and then presented to a panel of industry judges. I participated as a competitor in the Entrepreneurship category, and although sadly I didn’t place; the experience was amazing. After being there, I knew I wasn’t done with OCMC and that I had gotten a taste for it and wanted more. The lovely Cheryl Dowell, Algonquin College’s faculty lead for OCMC asked me if I would compete again. I thought about it, and although tempted; I came to the conclusion that if I went, that means someone else can’t. I’ve had my run, and I didn’t want to take that experience away from someone else, so I declined. Cheryl then asked me if I would coach. Well, now that is something I could do to still be a part of the competition, but not take that amazing experience away from someone else. I agreed and I am proud to say that I will be co-coaching the Retail event with Cheryl herself. We’re going for Gold, so the rest of you colleges? WATCH OUT. Jason Connell has a few tricks up his sleeve, and this is going to be a team to be reckoned with!

Now a big part of OCMC is raising the money needed to get everyone to the competition and lodged up. There are numerous costs such as lodgings, travel, registration fees, etc. so the team really needs to hit the pavement and find sponsors for the team and do other fundraising such as pub nights or bake sales and the like. I’ve been really impressed with how hard the team has been working, and I know they’re going to get there. We have a great collection of bright, energetic people who I know will go far. That being said, I know how tough getting the money can be so I’d like to point you in the direction of a Paypal Account where donations can be made. That’s right, you too can be a part of the utter magic of OCMC by donating any amount right here. Yes, you heard that right, you can donate right here.

Alright, all joking aside, it’s a really great cause and a really great experience for these students; so I implore you to donate whatever you can to help them out. Now here’s where I up the ante. If you’re a company reading this and are willing to become a sponsor, I am willing to work pro bono for you. As I said, I’m a graduate of marketing with a creative background and I can definitely help you out with what you need. Whether that’s a new logo, a creative campaign, or just some general consulting, I’d be more than willing to lend my expertise if you’re willing to lend the Algonquin College OCMC team a hand. Get in contact with me if you’re interested and we’ll work something out! And goooooooooo Algonquin!

One Response to “Going for Gold”
  1. The lovely Cheryl dowell says:

    Awesome!!! This is what I love about OCMC —- alumni who give back very generously.

    Not to mention your compliment about me being “lovely” ahhhhhh gosh- I’m blushing.

    Thnxs Jason

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