Noise Digital is Keeping it Fresh

So you’ve seen me endlessly rant on here about how powerful social media (and more specifically, Twitter) is, and now I’ve got the means to prove it to anyone who was foolish enough not to believe me! Prepare to feel foolish. A couple months ago, Noise Digital, a full-service digital advertising agency added me on Twitter; to which I was super psyched about. Anyways, I continued on with my daily life; working my ass off in school and posting the occasional blog post. Then one blisteringly cold day in February (I can’t really remember if it was that cold, but I assume it was terribly cold, as I do live in Ottawa) I get a mention from Noise Digital. I was intrigued! What could this impressive ad agency want with little ol’ me? Well it seems they were super impressed with the blog (and why wouldn’t they be? I’m so charming!) and wanted to know if I’d be interested in blogging about an upcoming campaign they were doing with that minty fresh candy; Tic Tac. This was a pretty awesome moment in the history of me doing this blog, and I wholeheartedly accepted! So I told them how to contact me and left it at that.

But this isn’t the end of the story my friends, for this week, the charming Vanessa Choot (Add her on Twitter, she’s amazing!); Engagement Coordinator at Noise sent me the best business e-mail I’ve ever received about this campaign they’re putting on. Now I’m going to get to that campaign, but first I just want to touch upon how amazing this is. If not for social media, this wouldn’t be happening. I wouldn’t have a connection with someone in advertising (where I want to end up), and I wouldn’t be having this really cool opportunity. Like I’ve said before the power of social media really lies in being able to approach and interact with people far outside my circle, and build meaningful relationships and connections out of it. The blog also certainly helped, so if any of my fellow students (well I guess most of us are graduated now) are reading; GET BLOGGING. SERIOUSLY. And if you’re not on Twitter? For shame. Alright, now to talk about the really cool campaign Noise has going on right now.

As you can see in the banner at the top of this post, the campaign is called Fresh Fun Talent. You can find the introduction to it on the Facebook page here. As Vanessa explained it to me “Imagine America’s Got Talent, only in Canada. 10 seconds short. And fresher.” So I went to explore it. They kicked off the campaign with “three of the nation’s freshest talent to represent.” They then opened it up to everyone else, with the winner to star in the next Tic Tac commercial and win some serious cash ($5000 to be exact). They actually just picked one of their finalists. He’s going to have national tv commercial appearances on Much Music, and it just so happens I’ve been given the dates; so check him out! The dates and times are below.

Date: Monday May 2nd
Show and Time: Degrassi 6pm-6:30pm EST and 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

Date: Tuesday May 3rd
Show and Time: Secret Life of The American Teenager 7-8pm EST.

Date: Wednesday May 4th
Show and Time: Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew 9-10pm EST.

Date: Friday May 6th
Show and Time: New.Music.Live. 5-6pm EST.

This campaign perfectly falls in to what I’ve always been saying; that engaging your consumers with the brand, making them part of the brand is a brilliant form of marketing. It’s what I’ve recommended to my client in my client project this semester, and it’s what I usually recommend to businesses that ask for my advice. When you make someone part of that brand, you make brand ambassadors, who are going to promote the brand for you. And who wouldn’t want word of mouth like that? You’re going to find that engagement and interaction between brand and consumer is what’s going to become more and more important in marketing and advertising, and Noise Digital and Tic Tac definitely have the right idea here. So check out the campaign, participate in it, and tell them I sent you (hey, it might just give you some bonus points). Noise Digital is a great group of people, let’s show em some love readers!

2 Responses to “Noise Digital is Keeping it Fresh”
  1. Vanessa says:

    Thanks Jason! Looking forward to seeing more Fresh Fun entries in the Tic Tac Talent campaign.

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