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So I’ve been prepping for summer internships for a little now, and it looks like it’s paid off as I have a few interviews in the coming week; for which I am extremely excited for! So I thought I’d post about one of the tools I’ve been tinkering with for a little while now and finally got to my liking (for now). That tool is is a site where you can build your own personal portal on the internet. A place to gather all your social media, blogs, and everything else in one clean, crisp package to wow that potential employer. Here’s the one I’ve painstakingly perfected over the course of a couple months (it took some fine-tuning to get it to exactly how I wanted it).

Pretty rad, am I right? Took some tinkering, but the sign is actual classic 3D; pop on some glasses if you got ’em and take a look. You can find the actual page here

I was first introduced to a couple months ago when I attended a social media workshop at Algonquin. It came highly recommended by the workshop, and I had been meaning to make a portfolio website for awhile; so I decided to jump in and give it a try shortly after.

It’s super user-friendly, and you honestly don’t need to be super tech-savvy or a graphic design kid like me to build your place. It has built in tool-sets and layouts and everything. It’s super intuitive, and you can build a site in a matter of minutes if you want to. You can also check the gallery for some inspiration with a showing of what other users have built, and they have a newsletter as well that shows the best practices of users using

The best part? It’s totally free to join up. There is also a subscription option, which offers more layouts, fonts, and options. I started off with the free offer and opted to go to the subscription because it’s super affordable (about $20), and really does let you do more with your profile site. So if you haven’t, make an account, get creating, and have fun!


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